The Transformation

The Transformation

Life is about building habits. Habits to transform oneself and move towards improvement.  We all dream of doing adventurous things, going on hikes, starting to play a sport, lose weight, follow a healthy routine, but something or the other prevents that from happening. You can blame it on your job, kids, spouse or whatever there is to blame. Ultimately it is the habit of … [Read more...]

Yoga it out

Yoga blog

The world celebrates it's very first "International Yoga Day" on June 21, 2015. Yes, another day added to the list of many days that we celebrate all around the year. A day that is now stamped by the UN (United Nations). I hope that makes it a bit more interesting for you. As a piece of trivia, you can find the list of all international days declared by the UN … [Read more...]

Diversify your food


  Eat less carbs, eat more protein. Eat less fat, eat more carbs. Eat this, don’t eat that. Advices galore. The web is full of varied advice from nutrition experts, and many times it can be befuddling.  So the questions arise, what do we eat ? How much do we eat ? and should we eat at all :) . Based on my experience as a Fitness/Wellness/Nutrition coach who designs custom … [Read more...]

A day without criticism


My job sucks, I don’t like my boss. I hate my politician. I don’t think I can ever lose weight. There is no diet plan that works for me. These are just a few criticisms, we “mere mortals” harp on everyday. If we analyze our lives closely we will find that not only do we have an opinion on everything under the sun, but the opinion is mostly negative. Social media is a big … [Read more...]

The Magic Pill


 "I was tired when I returned from work, my head was aching. Too much stress. I got home, crashed on the sofa and gulped a painkiller, the headache was gone". This was an experience one of my client, Ashish shared with me. It is not  a one off story, as our dependence on medicines has increased exponentially. From painkillers to antidepressants, we are gulping more medicines … [Read more...]

Finding Your Passion


Passion, the one thing all of us want to possess and pursue, and yet it is so elusive. As a fitness and sports coach I am always asked the following questions ever so often by my clients and friends. Why I do, what I do? Is it my passion? How did I realize it? My answer to all these questions always is, I like getting better at it. We are all busy in our lives in varied ways. … [Read more...]

A Healthy Resolution


2015 is here, and boy has 2014 flashed past or what?  The new year brings with itself hopes, promises, fresh starts, new opportunities and resolutions. Resolutions are great for a couple of reasons, one, they give you something to look forward to and work towards, and two, they have the potential to keep you engaged. Now, this is true only if we consistently work towards them.  … [Read more...]

Let’s Get Running


We were born to run, and that is beautifully displayed in the first few years of  birth. As soon as the child finds it’s balance, the very first thing it does is run. Happiness is not only seen on the parent’s face, but is intertwined with that innocent naughtiness of the child. Running seems like such a simple motion, but is inherently so very complicated and has become all … [Read more...]