Finding Your Passion


Passion, the one thing all of us want to possess and pursue, and yet it is so elusive. As a fitness and sports coach I am always asked the following questions ever so often by my clients and friends. Why I do, what I do? Is it my passion? How did I realize it? My answer to all these questions always is, I like getting better at it.

We are all busy in our lives in varied ways. Some of us are working hourly to make a living, some others are raising kids. Some of us are running businesses; others are completing their education. However, the common question that remains, what’s my passion? Most people you meet everyday are doing things which they do not like doing, and are always wondering about the time they will find their true calling. According to them it will be a cure for all ills. I used to think the same way too, but, unfortunately this mindset did not solve things for me, and I ended up chasing things the wrong way. It’s a vicious circle, worry about not finding a passion, get frustrated, try out different things and then again get frustrated about not finding your true calling.

It is my belief based on experiences with my clients, and people I have met over these years that the one thing which will truly change our lives is- trying to get better at things. Whatever it is you pursue, just try to get better at it and the world around you will change. In this journey of yours, you will definitely come across things you do not like getting better at, and those will automatically drop off your radar. However, you will come across several others that you would like to improve upon, and these will be the things you will keep pursuing. Forget everything else, simply focus on improving your skills at whatever you do and  you will realize that “finding the passion problem” will transform into “managing many passions”. Not too bad ☺

Like so many other, I also always wondered about finding that one thing that will motivate me and change my life for good. I was working 8-10 hours a day as a cancer researcher, and was always wondering about my true calling. One weekend while playing cricket I fractured my thumb which forced me to slow down the pace of things in my life. During the later part of my recovery, I started playing tennis and immersed myself into it. Time passed, and all I did was to make an effort to improve in tennis. Things just started from the mindset of getting better at one thing i.e. tennis, but that carried forward into other aspects of my life. I started taking more interest in my day job. Suddenly, there was more time in a 24 hour day. Things changed dramatically and drastically. However, all that changed was the mindset. I just wanted to get better, and I found my true calling.

It is never too late to focus on improvement. Piece by piece, day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute you will come to realize your true passion, if you keep working towards getting better at the things you do.


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