What my client’s say

Nipun changed my perspective about life and living. I spent my life without having a belief system and he made me see what was truly missing from my life. On one end I was this successful business owner, but on the other end was tremendously dissatisfied. I highly recommend Nipun’s life changing sessions, if you want to achieve a life full of peaceful energy. -Michael

There are a few experiences that transform your life for the better. Training with Nipun to understand how long lasting habits are built and building your own lasting habits was truly transformational. I used to think that losing weight and healthy eating is more of a physical task, but it turned out to be otherwise. My journey to weight loss and health is more of a spiritual and mental achievement than physical. I am sure that the equity I have built with the help of Nipun will surely stay with me in all my other endeavours. -Chad

As a CEO, I had all the money and resources most people think should be enough for a happy and satisfied life. This was not the case as there was inherent dissatisfaction and emptiness in my everyday life and I wanted to change it. One of my good friends recommended Nipun’s services as a life coach. His profile looked really intriguing; cancer researcher, tennis player/coach, tutor, life coach. I was very skeptical to sign him on at first, but then decided to take a jab. Fast forward 1 year, I am surprised by the things I have tried and the hobbies I have developed without compromising productivity. He is a spiritual guru to me, and I still cannot believe the impact he has made in my life. -Sarah

Very few things hits you as hard as a cancer diagnosis. I was diagnosed with lung cancer 6 years ago, and fought my way back to normalcy. However, it soon came back and I was shattered. In June 2014 was when I first heard of Nipun and his techniques as a life coach. He brings a wealth of knowledge in his passionate pursuit to change people’s lives for the better and I was lucky to find him. Not only did he recommend me a breathing routine, but he worked hard to change my food habits. I am cancer free again, and I believe a lot of the credit goes to Nipun and his lie altering mentoring sessions. I highly recommend him if you are looking for someone who can help you achieve your life goals. -John 



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